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Discover Fun Activities at Our ABA Summer Camp with Blue Minds LLC!

We've curated a fantastic lineup of activities that engage, inspire, and promote growth. Let's dive into the fun:

1. Table Tasks: Our campers will explore hands-on activities at the table. From puzzles to sorting games, they'll develop fine motor skills and concentration.


2. Circle Time: Gather 'round! During circle time, we'll sing songs, share stories, and practice social interactions. It's a wonderful opportunity for building communication skills.


3. Art Exploration: Unleash creativity! Our budding artists will experiment with colors, shapes, and textures. Whether it's finger painting or crafting, their imaginations will soar.


4. Sensory Adventures: Dive into sensory play! We've got textured bins, squishy materials, and soothing sensory stations. It's a sensory wonderland for curious minds.


5. Outdoor Play: Sun, fresh air, and laughter! Our campers will enjoy outdoor games, obstacle courses, and nature walks. Physical activity and socialization go hand in hand.


6. Pretend Play: Let's pretend! From playing house to becoming superheroes, our campers will engage in imaginative scenarios. Pretend play fosters creativity and social understanding.


7. Independent Work: Building independence! Campers will tackle age-appropriate tasks on their own. Whether it's setting the table or organizing their belongings, they'll feel empowered.


8. Feeding Skills: Bon appétit! Our campers will explore different foods, textures, and utensils. We'll make mealtime an adventure while working on self-feeding skills.


9. Toilet Training: Potty time! Our dedicated staff will guide campers through toilet training with patience and encouragement. We celebrate every milestone!


10. Social Skills: Friends forever! Through group activities, role-playing, and cooperative games, campers will enhance their social interactions. Making friends is the highlight of camp.

Are you ready for an exciting summer adventure?

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Summer Camp at Blue Minds LLC is the place to be for children of all abilities

Join us this summer for a memorable experience filled with growth, laughter, and friendship.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!

Send us a message and we will contact you soon.

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