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Our services range from individualized therapy to international consulting.


Take a closer look at all we can offer

New service!

We are pleased to announce our new diagnostic service (CDE) performed by Dr. Katherine Stubblefield.


Our testing process consists on the utilization of at least 2 assessment protocols to determine the probability of being in the autism spectrum, in a reliable and comfortable way. Our staff is kind and aware that this process may be difficult for you as a parent, so we will make it as easy and quickly as possible for you and your child.


Testing for ASD utilizing multiple validated screening tools to deliver an accurate result.


Home, School and Community - based individualized ABA therapy services.


EIP advocacy services to make sure caregivers understand their rights and the education plan of their children.


Consult with other companies to offer behavioral support in their structure.


Telehealth consulting and coaching services around the world.


Onsite and web - based trainings to educators and healthcare professionals in the principles of behavior.

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Janis Mikkelsen Ed.S. LSP

Educational psychologist

Licensed School Psychologist; Florida Professional Educators Certificate for Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12; Supervisor for School Psychology Interns for Miami Dade County Public Schools; Certified Trainer for Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2); Autism Endorsement for working with students with Autism ages 2 through 22; Assessment of students in Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care facilities; Certified Infant Mental Health provider; Completed training and exam for Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) Certification.

Employed 20 years with MDCPS as a school psychologist.   Contracted with agencies as a Behavior Analyst supervising RBTs and writing Behavior Plans for ABA services as a private contractor. Currently 10 years as owner of a private practice providing psychoeducational evaluations, parent and teacher consultations, behavior plans, Autism & ADHD support, and conducting Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations (CDEs) for children ages 1-22 to received ABA services.  

Dr. Kat Stubblefield Psy-D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kat Stubblefield started her journey in the field of psychology as an ABA therapist, where she spent several meaningful years working with non-verbal children on the autism spectrum. 


Her experience as a therapist provided her with a unique perspective and invaluable insights into the diagnosis and the process of accessing therapeutic services in the community. Dr. Kat completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University, where her training focused on neuro development and comprehensive assessments. Following her doctoral studies, she completed postdoctoral training specializing in comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for toddlers and children suspected of living with autism. During her postdoctoral training, she gained extensive hands-on experience in utilizing the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition) with toddlers and young children. 


Early identification is at the core of her mission and she is passionate about ensuring that children and their families receive the support they need to thrive.

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Diagnosis process:

The new diagnosis services aims to help shorten the waiting lists and processing times for clients expecting to receive a proper ASD diagnosis and treatment. 

Currently, the service is only available privately.

To request DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES please follow these instructions:

Step 1

Obtain a medical referral for an comprehensive evaluation for ASD.

Step 2

Schedule an in person appointment.

Appointments can be scheduled by phone or email.

Step 3

Complete Student Information & History Packet and Blue Minds Policy packet.

Full Payment must be processed prior to appointment.

Step 4

Clients will received a copy of the full report including 2 diagnostic assessments. If no medical diagnosis is provided prior to appointment, Dr. Kat will need to perform additional testing. 


Diagnostic evaluations will be conducted in a clinical setting. For additional information and to get the process started please call us at 786.366.8161 or email us at

Insuraces requirements

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Recurso 1@4x.png
Recurso 1@4x.png
Recurso 1@4x.png
Recurso 1@4x.png

Copy of caregiver ID and client's birth certificate or SS.

Copy of insurance card.

MD/DO Referral for ABA evaluation and treatment with ICD10 diagnosis code.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE) by a clinical psychologist.

Signed company intake packet and policies.



We accept the following insurances, and out of pocket payments.

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