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Our Team

Blue Minds counts with an exceptional team of  knowledgeable Behavior Analysts and caring RBTs, with years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and education.

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Her professional goal is to improve the lives of children with developmental disabilities by providing them with necessary tools to become independent.


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Xioreli de la Vega

Xioereli has years of experience as a BCBA and her passion is educating future BCBA's in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.


Saaraa Alam

Saaraa is a BCBA who utilizes her expertise in parent training using the ACT techniques.

Her compasionate and caring approach will bring your parenting skills to the next level.


Niggle HernÁndez

She enjoys working with children and their families helping each other with tools to learn, grow and feel proud of what they can achieve.


         y vision for this company is to promote

the creativity, imagination, and growing independence

of our children.

To provide ongoing support and training to family members and other service providers involved in our client's learning process. To expand our range of services by introducing social skills groups for children on

the autism spectrum, and to create autism awareness worldwide and promote social projects which involve community participation surrounding the education and inclusion of neurodiverse individuals, specially those

in the autism spectrum. 


Our mission is to create a supportive environment

for each family that will foster a creative, fun and engaging learning process within the child's natural surroundings, all supported by the scientific principles

of Applied Behavior analysis.


Carolina Alay, Founder and Executive Director.

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