Blue Minds LLC is a company dedicated to providing exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with Autism and related disabilities in Dade and Broward counties in the state of Florida. 

We search for and cultivate each child's strengths to create learning channels and multiple opportunities for growth through individualized programing. The focus is on overcoming every day challenges and promoting independence.  Utilizing the scientifically proven principles of ABA, The Blue Minds team, creates a supportive environment for each family, connecting the learning process to the child’s natural surroundings. 

It is our mission to promote learning as fun experience, and to encourage the creativity and imagination of our students.  We firmly believe that every child should enjoy their childhood and that ABA services can be integrated into an exciting and playful teaching moment. 

Blue Minds was awarded with the Outstanding Support recognition by AUTISM SPEAKS in 2014. 

Our Team

Carolina Alay


Program Supervisor: Creative and goal oriented professional with over sixteen years of experience providing ABA therapy to individuals with autism and related disabilities. Responsible for designing individualized acquisition programs for our clients based on initial and biannual evaluations. Providing clinical oversight and training to staff, developing company-wide training and consultation services for schools and other providers.

Carolina was interviewed by VoyageMIA Magazine on 2018 and recognized as a local entrepreneur.  See the whole interview here: http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-carolina-alay-blue-minds-pembroke-pines/

Patricia Puritz

M.S., RBT 

Patricia is an exceptional therapist with years of experience providing Applied Behavioral Analysis Services to children with ASD and related disabilities. Compassionate, dedicated and resourceful.  Certified as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, she is a great asset to our company.

Maricel Walsh 


Lead Analyst: Maricel is a dedicated professional, with vast experience  in the implementation of verbal behavior and daily living skill programs for children in the Autism Spectrum.

Tiffany Szymanski


Clinical Director: Knowledgeable and dedicated professional with almost 20 years in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Responsible for clinical oversight of behavioral intervention plans and programs, as well as designing clinical training for staff and team members.

Saaraa Alam 


Lead Analyst: Saaraa is an outstanding professional, with experienced  in the implementation of verbal behavior treatment for children with developmental disabilities and has ample knowledge of the ACT approach applicable to neurotypical population.

Dairis Perez


Dairis is the newest addition to our team.  She bring in her passion for ABA and her background in psychology to provide our clients with a great therapeutic experience.

Carolina Alay. BCaBA.  Blue Minds Founder.
Our Vision

To promote the creativity, imagination, and growing independence of our children.

To provide ongoing support and training to family members and other service providers involved in our client's learning process.

To expand our range of services by introducing social skills groups for children on the autism spectrum.

To create autism awareness worldwide and promote social projects which involve community participation surrounding the education and inclusion of individuals with autism and related disabilities.

Our Mission

Utilizing, the scientifically proven principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Blue Minds team seeks to create a supportive environment for each family that will foster a creative, fun and engaging learning process within the child's natural surroundings.