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All humans have an immeasurable potential to create and succeed, it is up to us to unveil that power and put it to work for the greater good.

- Carolina Alay-
Founder and Executive Director

About us

Blue Minds LLC is a company dedicated to providing exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with Autism and related disabilities in Dade and Broward counties in the state of Florida. 


We search for and cultivate each child's strengths to create learning channels and multiple opportunities for growth through individualized programming. The focus is on overcoming everyday challenges and promoting independence.


Utilizing the scientifically proven principles of ABA, The Blue Minds team, creates a supportive environment for each family, connecting the learning process to the child’s natural surroundings. 


We firmly believe that every child should enjoy their childhood and that ABA services can be integrated into an exciting and playful teaching moment. 

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Best of Pembroke Pines Awards and hall of fame in the category of Behavioral Health Services in 2024.


Top 5 ABA therapy services providers in Florida 2023 awarded by Healthcare Business Review.


Best of Pembroke Pines Awards and hall of fame in the category of Behavioral Health Services in 2023.

Best of Pembroke Pines Awards in the category of Mental

Health Services in 2022.

Autism speaks Outstanding Support Recognition in 2014.

Boosting Therapeutic Impact With
On-site Solutions

Nov 06 - 3 min read


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, when implemented in clinical settings, undoubtedly cultivates significant adaptive behaviors in children with autism and related disabilities. However, a pertinent question remains...

Navigating a Home Purchase and Relocation With a Child on the Autism Spectrum

Dec 29 - 3 min read


Relocating to a new abode is an intricate task, especially when it involves a child with autism. Such transitions require foresight, preparation, and sensitivity to the child's unique needs...

Understanding Parental Fatigue for Parents of Special Needs Kids

Jul 25 - 3 min read


While any parent can experience burnout, the risk is greater for those with little ones with special needs. Recognizing the signs of fatigue—a precursor to burnout—and implementing a self-care treatment plan can help you stay well.."

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