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How To Prepare For Holidays With Your ADS Child

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

We know that these special dates can be very exciting for everyone, with many moments to share as a family and with great events full of magic. That's why we share with you some tips to make Christmas with your children with ASD a time of celebration and joy.

Involve them in every event:

As we know it is important to plan activities and communicate to them in an assertive way, it can be by a calendar or sticky notes, but also keep in mind the possible changes and unforeseen events that may appear and according to mitigate the anxiety that this may generate.

Do not forget the basic routines:

We usually change locations during those days, we tend to go to family or friends' houses, or even spend it in a completely different place to experience some fresh air of rest. We recommend you try to keep as similar as possible. Routines, such as personal care, their feeding and/or sleeping hours.

Activities they can do:

Letting them know the significance of the Christmas tree can make them actively collaborate by hanging the balls or wrapping the ribbons. They can also participate in decorating the house with Christmas ornaments or sing Christmas carols with them. They can even help you with the preparation of meals and if there are gatherings, allow them to interact with other children.

What to give to a child with ADS?

What are their interests? First you have to know what motivates them the most when opening a gift, keep in mind that they should enjoy it the most. Sometimes we believe that there are gifts that they would like, but it is not something that the child truly enjoys.

Help them write their letter to Santa Claus:

It is important to adapt us to their communication system; it can start by making magazine clippings of toys they want and glue them together and then transfer them into letter writing.

Remember that they may not get along well with many people around. Noises or crowds may make them uncomfortable, and they may be especially sensitive to overstimulation, however, it is good to expose the child gradually to external stimulus, which will gradually make them enjoy Christmas as they are presented, they are changes that occur with time and daily work.

Merry Christmas, Blue Minds.


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